Top Door Restoration and Refinishing Services in Atlanta

Atlanta is known for its beautiful homes, and the front door is often the focal point of the exterior. Over time, doors can become worn, scratched, or faded, affecting the overall appearance of the home. That’s where door restoration and refinishing services come in. Stain Door Company is proud to offer top-quality door restoration and refinishing services in Atlanta, and we’ve rounded up some of our top services to help you give your home’s entryway the update it deserves.

Door Restoration

Door Refinishing

Your front door tells a story – a story of countless welcomes, goodbyes, and the ebb and flow of life. But with time, exposure to the elements can cause it to lose its luster. Fading color, scratches, and wear become the storytellers, and it’s time to give your door a new voice.

At Stain Door Company, we specialize in the art of door refinishing, and our mission is simple: to bring your door back to life.

Our approach is a blend of craftsmanship and innovation. We start by carefully stripping away the old finish, revealing the hidden potential beneath. Then, our skilled artisans employ precise techniques, breathing new life into the wood. With a fresh coat of stain or paint, we create a masterpiece that aligns seamlessly with your vision.

But our service isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s about ensuring the longevity of your door. We utilize top-quality materials and proven techniques, adding an extra layer of protection. Your door doesn’t just look rejuvenated; it’s fortified against the elements, ready to stand the test of time.

Door Repair

If your door is suffering from damage, we offer a full range of door repair services. From fixing broken hinges and handles to replacing damaged wood, our team can tackle any issue to ensure your door is functioning correctly.

Garage Door Refinishing

Don’t forget about your garage door! Our garage door refinishing service can give your garage door a facelift, enhancing the overall look of your home’s exterior.

Antique Door Restoration

If you have a historic home, you may have antique doors that require special care. Our team has the expertise and skills needed to restore antique doors to their former glory, ensuring they maintain their original character and charm.

Custom Door Design

Looking for something unique and customized? Our team can work with you to design and build a custom door that meets your specific needs and style preferences. From size and shape to materials and finishes, we can create a door that truly stands out and reflects your personal style.

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