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No, we have a special process of completing your door right onsite and it will always be put back on before we leave. Our procedure is this: We first take your door off and strip it on sawhorses under a protected tent that we erect on your site. We then install plastic to keep any animals or sawdust from getting inside your home. In the case of a business, if this is your main entryway, we would erect our tent far enough so that sawdust does not blow into your building, and we would not want to limit customers from entering your business, so we usually do not install plastic in commercial situations. We work with the weather so as not to have adverse weather blowing inside of the building.
Under normal circumstances it should take approximately 3-4 hours to refinish a single side door.
We recommend using a slightly water dampened cloth.
Yes, Dog scratches can be sanded out if they do not go deeper than the veneer, if you have veneer. If the scratches are not too deep, then many times we can sand them out. Sometimes we can just spray over them, especially on the inside with a lacquer spray the lacquer is hot enough to melt the scratches and make the essentially disappear. Other times we have finishes we can just wipe on and it will also take off the scratches.

Stiles and Rails: Stiles are the vertical pieces of the door that run the entire length from top to bottom.


Hardware Related:

Lockset: This is the handle, latch and deadbolt.
Hinges: What holds the door onto the jamb.

This is one of the most important questions when refinishing your door. Most solid doors are veneered. There is a veneer covering a sandwiched core. So your door is solid if it doesn’t sound hollow, but this solid core is different from the grain you are seeing on the outside of the door.
Yes, we remove the door from the hinges and we also remove the lockset, any door sweep or door shoe at the bottom of the door and the metal peep if installed. We have found that this is absolutely critical in achieving a superior refinish.
We always recommend a test sample if you are trying to match colors. Liquid sample bottles are available if you would like to test the product on your wood.
There are 10 smooth stain options and 10 wood-grain stain options. We also match many wood and color finishes.
Staining your fence, deck, or any other outdoor structure has many benefits, including protecting your investment by adding life to your structure, increasing you curb appeal, and adding value to your property. All of our products are easy to apply, with no drips, runs, or visible lap marks. Due to the high quality of our oil-based formula, the overspray is very easy to clean up for both contractors and homeowners.
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