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Front Door Refinishing

Front Door Refinishing in Georgia

Stain Door is a family owned and operated company, and your number one source to revamp your home. We are dedicated to giving you the very best products that fit your needs, with a focus on outstanding service, dependability, and a personable experience. Stain Door has come a long way from its beginnings as a service-only organization and now we serve customers all over Georgia, and are thrilled to be a part of the sophisticated wing of the home improvement industry, specializing in front door refinishing.
Front Door Refinishing

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Here at Stain Door We understand that prep work is crucial to ensure a long-lasting and beautiful refinishing job. That’s why we take the time to do the proper prep work on every project.
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Front Door Refinishing

Your front door truly is the Hood Ornament of your home. It’s what your guests first see when they approach your home. Over time and with constant exposure to the elements, heat/cold cycles, humidity changes and the damaging UV rays of the sun the finish on any door will begin to fade. This is true if your door is wood, fiberglass or steel. Finding someone to refinish your door can be a challenge, especially if your door is stained. It would be our pleasure to help with your door refinishing project.

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