Refinishing Garage Door

Are you tired of how your house looks? Living in the same place for years can get boring. You don’t need to move to get a breath of fresh air, though. In fact, you don’t need to do a lot of work to transform the way your property looks. Refinishing Garage Door is a relatively simple task, but it can give your house a total facelift.

Refinishing Garage Door

Stain Door in Georgia is here to refinish your front door, while also providing a comprehensive door repair service to our clients. Whether your existing door is off track, or your door is noisy and disturbing, our qualified and experienced technicians are here for you! We install and service virtually every brand and manufacturer of garage doors and openers. We are the experts of refinishing garage doors, and remember, never let someone pressure wash it to get rid of old stain!

Removal & Installation

Stain Door believes in cost transparency, and if you find a lower price with another service provider, Stain Door will match it for you! Whether you are in the middle of a home renovation or you have an emergency need, you will never be overcharged for Stain Door’s services and products. Even if you have new hardware, we can definitely install it for free during the refinishing of your door or garage door!

Refinishing Garage Doors

Garage Door Refinishing Process

  1. Remove all hardware lock hinges
  2. Strip down to raw wood
  3. Repair damaged areas
  4. Sand completely with 3 separate grits
  5. Wash the door with solvent
  6. Stain with highly pigmented slow to fade
  7. Apply 5 coats of UV protected MARINE
  8. Apple 1 coat of Varnish
  9. Reinstall all hardware locks and hinges
  10. Install the door and adjust the door
Best Refinishing Garage Door in Georgia
Refinishing Garage Door

A Beautiful Home Starts with a Beautiful Door

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Award Winning Wood Door Refinishing

If you need Refinishing Interior Doors, we can help. We work on all makes & models of Commercial Doors and Residential Doors.

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